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7-zone pocket insert of “multipocket” type, i.e. 1000 springs per 100 x 200 cm mattress, covered on both sides with foam and on one side with highly flexible foam giving the impression of great lightness and comfort – while on the other side with a plate of 2cm viscoelastic foam, which under the influence of heat and body weight adapts to its shape.

Double-sided mattress

Cover type winter-summer:

Winter side – quilted with two layers of sheep wool and air conditioning fiber,
Summer side – quilted with two layers of cotton and air-conditioning fibre.
The cover can be washed with a zipper for easy removal and washing.

The cover is recommended for allergy sufferers.

MULTIPOCKET SPRINGS – this design consists of separate pockets in which there are springs. There are 1000 of them in the 100 x 200 cm insert. A mattress with such springs adapts precisely to the shape of a body. Such number of pockets allows to increase the comfort of sleep enormously.

Highly flexible foam provides optimum point flexibility, active ventilation and has a low dead weight. Millions of holes in the foam structure contribute to the perfect adaptation of the mattress to the anatomical shape of the body and guarantee a pleasant sleeping comfort. Each mattress topper has a number of longitudinal and transverse incisions that provide the ideal ventilation system. Relatively low weight of the mattress allows for easy and free rotation, which significantly affects the durability of the mattress. Highly flexible foam has a less uniform cell structure that differs from standard foam. Thanks to this structure, it obtains better parameters of body support, comfort and elasticity. High resilience foam in comparison to standard foam is characterized by greater elasticity, which significantly increases the comfort of use and extends its life span. High resilience foams regain their original shape twice as quickly as standard foams. They are distinguished by durability, physical and chemical resistance, including particular resistance to deformations. The durability of highly resilient foam is 40% higher than that of conventional foams of the same density.

VISCO foam, otherwise known as thermosensitive or “lazy” foam. This type of foam reacts to heat, increasing its flexibility along with the temperature increase. In this way, the foam takes the heat of the body and adapts to its shape, providing it with proper support over the entire surface. It improves blood circulation – so it is an ideal material for people who get cold while sleeping. At the same time, due to its softness, it is not recommended for small children.

Cotton – is a natural fiber with hygroscopic properties, thanks to good air permeability, cotton is able to absorb almost half of the generated body moisture, which makes it cool our body and provides adequate ventilation on hot days.

Sheep wool – is a product with insulating properties, because it retains the heat generated by the body, and therefore is used on the winter side of mattresses.

Flexible Frame – A good quality frame is the key to proper sleeping position, continuous airflow, moisture elimination and long mattress life cycle. A good mattress frame should offer comfort, flexibility and ergonomic sleeping position.The frame must allow for continuous airflow through the mattress and moisture removal to the outside. These properties extend the life cycle of the mattress.The best frames are constructed of flexible, wooden slats that provide even weight distribution allowing for optimal sleeping position.Some frames are adjustable for lumbar hardness and allow for head and foot support.

Washable cover – You can choose a mattress cover that is washable up to 60*C. Fabrics are Tencel, Cashmere, Aloe Vera, Silver, Thermo Control System, Spa@Thermo.